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Kaliningrad region

Kaliningrad region
is the western border of Russia and one of the most unique and interesting touristic destination. Since early 20th century its recreational facilities have attracted european tourists. Then and today the region is particularly famous for spa and wellness tourism.

Most popular spa resorts are located in cities of Svetlogorsk and Zelenogradsk. Here guests may enjoy mineral water therapy and amber therapy, along with numerous other therapy facilities.

The calm and easy atmosphere of Kaliningrad mesmerizes guests and leaves an unforgettable experience! The hospitality of people here however impresses even more. Welcome to Kaliningrad, the region of amber!

Host city poster

Kaliningrad is a unique city of sea, history and amber. The football player on the poster symbolises the open soul of the city and region, embracing modern spirit of future and impressive history of the past at once. As well as the city itself, the player’s soul derives from the sea water, that surrounds the place. The ball in his hand is made of amber, the most famous symbol of Baltic sea.

The football player knitted of water streams touching an amber ball is a symbol of the most uniquie occasion – 2018 FIFA World Cup!


The natural diversity of Kaliningrad region is impressive. On a relatively compact territory within three hours driving distance one may find forests, lakes, wide beaches, sand dunes, unforgettable curvy trees and dozens of other sights.

Moreover the region has a long story since early 13th century full of knights, castles, fortifications and mysteries. Many of the historical sights were demolished during World War II, but some survived. Those are still the object of deepest interest for historicians, archeologists and lately tourists. Since the toursim has developed only during last two decades, the bulding left untouched allowing visitors to feel the medieval atmosphere.
The city of Kaliningrad combines both historical spirit and modern attractions at once. The historical heart of the city – Kant island – is a calm, majectic and impressive sight. City center, full of shops, restaurants and entertainment spots is lively and vibrant, especially at night. More information on sights, routes, opening times and etc. visit-kaliningrad.ru/en/


Baltic seaside is something, where the soul of the region derives from. The landscapes along the shore change from grassy hills to sandy cliffs dozens meter high, from pine groves to vibrant forests, from wide beaches to endless dunes of white sand.
Svetlogorsk which is one of the most popular touristic destinations mesmerizes with its mysterious historical buildings, unique amber artworks on the streets and pine smell all around.
Zelenogradsk is famous for mineral water and beautiful promenade along wide beach. Moreover this city offers numerous beach night life facilities and cozy little shops with widest possible choice of handmade souvenirs.
Yantarnyi is the place where 90% of all known amber supply is waiting its time to become artworks and souvenirs. Besides, it offers wonderful beach facilities, which last years again and again deserves Blue Flag certificate
Without doubt the most unique natural sight of Baltic seashore is Curonian spit. A narrow line of sand which has existed for centuries despite the storms and deterrioration.
All the places on the seashore are worth visiting, but some of them will definitely stick to your soul!


Amber is mysterious. Although it is a gem, it is not mineral at all. It is always warm and captures sunlight. It hardly sinks in sea water – so light it weighs.

Amber is fossilized tree resin, the living proof of trees that had lived thousands years before. The resin dripped over branches, leaves and trunk, attracting little bugs and ants. Once they goy into resin, they stayed there forever.

That’s why amber most often contains inclusions such as bugs, ants and little grains of sand. It has wide variety of colours and shades from dark green to plain white, from brown to sunny yellow. It is also claimed that amber also has healing effects!

Unique amber artworks are on sale in numerous souvenir shops. Enjoy!