Until FIFA World Cup 2018™ Final is left:

Rules to follow at fan fest

While at Fan Fest venue, spectators must:

  • not insult or act in a way that imposes danger to others' safety;
  • enter only through entrance gates and allow body search, scanning procedures, personal belongings search procedure;
  • present valid IDs and passes on entry, if entering by car, and allow car inspection;
  • use staircases and emergency exits only on purpose;
  • store bulky and restricted items in storage room;
  • not impose any danger to others' posessions;
  • be polite and respect others' rights
  • report stewards or security staff immediately about suspicious persons, unattended items, smoke, rules violations, cases that require medical assistance;
  • follow legal instructions from stewards, security staff and organisators especially in case of emergency.



While at Fan Fest venue, it is prohibited to:

  • violate general access regulations;
  • enter zones that are not indicated on accreditations;
  • insult others using banners or any other visual media,
  • act in a way that imposes danger to person's or others' safety;
  • act in a way that distracts spectators from Fan Fest activities
  • participate in actions that might impose danger to safety of spectators and reputation of FIFA Fan Fest
  • smoke in any area except indicated smoking areas
  • violate fire safety rules
  • draw or place pictures, photographs, banners, advertisments, stickers, etc. on walls and constructions
  • climb on barriers, lamp posts, masts, trees, etc.
  • interfere functioning of maintenance systems
  • place barriers for the traffic on staircases or pedestrian zones
  • enter stage or backstage without special permission and accompanying volunteer
  • hold public events that are not stated in FIFA Fan Fest Programme
  • distribute leaflets or any printed production, clothing etc.
  • make up the fire or set off fireworks
  • create crowds or viloate public order
  • cause harm to green vegetation, cultural and historical heritage objects, причинять вред
  • turn over gabage containers
  • uninstall or make damage to navigation signs
  • show any signs on banners or posters
  • bring to publicity political or ideological messages of any kind using any media
  • fix flags or banners to the walls on constructions or buildings except permitted by FIFA Fan Fest authorities
  • violate public order by showing intimate body parts
  • throw objects on the stage and to others
  • hide faces by masks or etc.
  • use loudspeakers or any devices that create loud sound
  • use any personal Wi-Fi spots, 3G-4G routers including use of smartphones in personal hotspot mode.
  • show off brands and trade marks in advertising puposes
  • sell anything without permission of Fan Fest Authorities
  • beg or ask for donations
  • bring or take in narcotic drugs and psychotopic drugs
  • visit FIFA Fan Fest in alcohol intoxication condition
  • bring any kinds of weapons