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History of Kaliningrad football

Kaliningrad football life is closely tied to the history of FC Baltika. The club was founded on the 23rd of August, 1954 (although according to some other sources – on 22nd December, 1954).

The story began when Regional Voluntary Sports Society "Pishchevik" decided to start training its team and signed the corresponding act on the 23rd of August 23, 1954. Since then and until 1958, the club was named after the Society - "Pishchevik". The first coach of the new football team was Peter Fedorovich Zakharov. On the 30th of October, 1957 the society was disbanded, and the team received a new name which stays the same still – Footbal Club "Baltic".

During 1955-1956 period the club rivaled for national championship of RSFSR with other clubs (so called “Collectives of physical culture”). By the second playing season the club already won 1st place in zonal tournament of national championship.

In 1965 the club triumphed one of its brightest victories of 8:1 score against FC “Metallurg”. In 1984 FC “Baltika” won the zonal tournament of the secong league. In 1993-1995 Baltika played in the first division of the national championship and moved to the Higher League of the Russian Championship after that.

One of the most rememberable moments in modern history is the playing season of 1996. In 1998 they started playing “Intertoto Cup” and won two rounds against bulgarian “Spartak” and slovak “Oseta Dudkla”, but failed the final round against yugoslavian “Voivodina”.

Years 1999 to 2014 were quite calm for the club. Players got to the second division of National Leagues twice in 2001 and 2004.

FC “Baltika” brightest achievements

1996 was the year full of triumph for FC “Baltika”. First it won over Spartak from Kostroma scoring 8:0, then over “Wings of Soviets” scoring 5:0.

In 1984 the club won RSFSR National Championship. In 1994 FC “Baltika” was the first division champion, and in 1995 took the third place.

FC “Baltika” won several zone tournaments of USSR Second League in 1984 and Russian Second League in 1992, 2002, 2005.