Until FIFA World Cup 2018™ Final is left:


1. How much do tickets cost?

There are 4 ticket categories in sale. One of them is designed only for russian residents. There will abe around 350,000 of such tickets on sale, which stands for 10% of total quantity of tickets on sale. Rest three categories are sold for all client groups including russian residents. They vary by sector and seat.

2. Where tickets are sold?

Tickets are sold excluisively on www.FIFA.com/bilet and at official FIFA ticketing centres. Any other shops or web-sites are not eligible to sell tickets under any circumstances. If you see a ticket offer on any web-site other than FIFA official web-site, this is a scam. Any tickets purchased at other sources won’t be recognized by controllers and won’t give you the right of access to Kaliningrad Stadium. Any refund requests on such tickets are not possible either.

3. How are tickets delivered?

Usually they are sent to you by courier delivery service.

4. How to apply for Fan ID and how to get it?

In order to get Fan ID one must apply online on www.fan-id.ru. or personally in Fan ID Centre. It is only possible after purchase of a ticket. Pick up is possible at Fan ID centre. Delievery is not possible. For further info see: kgd2018.ru/en/fanid

5. Free ride on intercity trains. Is it possible to take a train from Moscow to Kaliningrad for free?

Return train tickets are provided for spectators upon presence of Fan ID and a ticket. For further information on intercity transportation visit www.transport2018.com.

6. Does the ticket price depend on timing? Are ticket cheaper if purchased earlier?
No, the price of tickets doesn’t depend on timing at all. Prices are fixed within categories of tickets.


Plan your visit to Kaliningrad Stadium ahead! Make sure you got familiar with rules of access and the list of prohibited items. This and and other useful information you may find on this web-site in corresponding sectors.